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How Often Should You Have Your Chimney Cleaned?


There are several variables that determine how often you should have your chimney and fireplace or wood stove cleaned:

• Frequency of Use
• Type and Dryness of Wood Used
• Temperature of Resulting Fires

Most experts agree that you should have your chimney or wood stove inspected every 2 years at the very least (even if you don’t use it) OR cleaned/inspected approximately every 50 fires. A chimney that is not inspected regularly can deteriorate and end up being a costly repair in the future.

Let Chiminey Cricket Family Chimney Sweeps Help Protect Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Home!

Chimneys, wood stoves, and fireplaces should be inspected and cleaned regularly to remove soot and creosote and ensure appropriate draft, so that dangerous fumes and smoke have a way out of your home and don’t build up inside. Regularly cleaning your chimney and having blockages removed will improve draft and provide free passage of fumes and smoke away from your home. Chimney fires are caused by flammable deposits of soot and creosote – make sure your chimney is clean and properly maintained!

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